Bigboygadget free UC for battleground mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is one of India’s most popular mobile battle royale games. The game, like most other battle royale games, operates on a freemium model, in which you can play for free but must pay for in-game stuff to improve the appearance of your character and equipment. To buy skins, outfits, and other items, you’ll need UC (Unknown Cash), which you may buy with real money from within the game. Bigboygadget free UC for battleground mobile India

The simplest approach to obtaining UC is to use actual money and download the BGMI app. There are, however, a few additional options for getting UC for free. We’ll go over some of the ways you can acquire free UC at BGMI in this article. Bigboygadget free UC for battleground mobile India

How to get free UC in BGMI

On the Google Play Store, there are various apps that allow you to earn Google balance, which can then be used to purchase UC in BGMI. Here is a list of apps and techniques for earning rewards and getting BGMI UC for free.

Opinion Rewards on Google

Google Opinion Rewards is free software that sends you questionnaires based on your everyday activities. The software rewards you with Google Play balance for completing the surveys, which you can use to make purchases in the Google Play Store. You can also use the credit to buy UC from within BGMI by using your Google Play balance as a payment method.

Pay for polls is a mobile application that allows you to

The Poll Pay app works in a similar way to the Google Opinion Rewards app in that it pays users for completing tasks and taking quizzes. The money is subsequently deposited to your Google Play account.


If you don’t want to fill out surveys right now, you can keep an eye on web pages and channels that frequently have UC freebies. You can enter these giveaways there for a chance to win some UC.


A large number of BGMI events are held on a daily basis in private rooms. UC, Elite Royale Pass, and other prizes are given away by the sponsors during the competitions. You can look for such competitions on the internet and then enter them to win free prizes.


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Today’s BGMI┬áRedeem Code

BGM stands for Battlegrounds Mobile, which will be released in India on July 2nd. Players who pre-register will receive various bonuses from installing BGMI India, including a free outfit on a special 50M download. Now, these Exclusive rewards can only be obtained through UC, and UC must be purchased, so if you want to obtain a mythic outfit in BGMI, the only option is to use a redeem code. On this page, we will share all of the most recent redeem coupons that you can easily copy and paste into the Redemption website to claim a variety of free rewards such as Premium crates, Classic crates, character vouchers, weapon skins (m4 Glacier, AKM Skin redeem code),

Tier Wise Rewards for BGMI Mobile C2S4 M7 and M8 from 19-1-2022 to 17-3-2022:

  • 10 Silver fragments as a Bronze Tier award
  • Free as a Silver Tier reward Glasses c2s4
  • Outfit as a Gold Tier Reward C2S4- MK14 C2S4- MK14 C2S4- MK14 C2S4- MK14 C2S4- MK14 C2S4- MK14 C2S4- MK14 C2S4- MK14 C2S
  • 3 Tier Protection Card (Crown Tier Reward)
  • C2S4 Ace MASK is the reward for the Ace Tier.

QBU Gun Skin, Cactus Constable Head Gear, Magic Box Backpack Skin, RP Avatar Frame, Scarlet Ranger Emote, Eagle’s Will UMP45 Gun Skin (Free), Scar-L Gunskin, Scarlet Ranger Outfit, Moo Moo Grenade Skin, Slobby Shirt (Free),

Battlegrounds Mobile India Redeem Codes Today

BGMI Redeem Code

How to Redeem BGMI Code 2022

  • To begin, go to on the Battlegrounds Mobile Redemption Centre website.
  • After you’ve opened the website, you’ll see a new page where you’ll need to input your “CHARACTER ID,” “REDEMPTION CODE,” and “VERIFICATION CODE,” and then click “NEXT.” Activate the REDEEM BUTTON.
  • After you click the redeem button, a new screen will appear with the applied coupons code and your rewards will be deposited to your BGMI account quickly.
  • Finally, reopen your BGMI account and check the incentives that have been added to your account.
  • If you have any questions about the BGMI Redeem code or desire a royal pass, please post them in the comments section below so that other players may respond and help you solve your problem.