Drift Hunters Unblocked – [Talentcreation Games Directory]

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Game Controls

Keyboard Controls:

  • Arrow Keys: Use the arrow keys to control the direction of your car.
    • Up Arrow: Accelerate
    • Down Arrow: Brake/Reverse
    • Left Arrow: Steer left
    • Right Arrow: Steer right
  • Spacebar: Use the spacebar for the handbrake or e-brake. It’s essential for initiating drifts and maintaining control during sharp turns.
  • C: The ‘C’ key is used for changing the camera view. It allows you to switch between various camera perspectives to get the best view of your car.
  • Shift: Shift gears up (usually a manual transmission option in the game).
  • Ctrl: Shift gears down (if the game has manual transmission).
  • R: Reset your car to the default position in case you get stuck or crash.
  • Tab: Opens the in-game menu, allowing you to access various options and settings.

Mouse Controls:

  • In some drifting games, the mouse may be used for menu navigation and other in-game interactions.

Gamepad/Controller Controls:

  • If you are playing “Drift Hunters” with a gamepad or controller, the controls will typically mimic the keyboard and allow you to steer, accelerate, brake, and control the handbrake, among other functions. The specifics may vary depending on your controller and the game’s settings.