How to get void shards in Raid Shadow Legends


How to get void shards in Raid Shadow Legends

As I’m sure everyone will know, Void Shards are the only way to get VoidChampions in this game aside from login rewards, mergers, etc., are some of the strongest champions in the entire game and they have no counter-affinity which makes them strong everywhere They’resourced en masse each week from a variety of sources and are valued well above AncientShards(with a 0.5!% 1% chance of a Legendary) in terms of shop bargains, which typically range from £3 to £ 5a shard!



Acquiring Void Shards 


As a new player, there are very few ways to get VoidShardsas Clan Boss cannot be farmed at the highest levels, but there is hope. In some VoidShards is the campaign, between Normal and Hard Campaign you can collect 3 VoidShardstocomplete them all with 3 stars, which is pretty easy and shouldn’t take you long with your starting champion. You can get void shards simply by logging in to play the game. Days 12, 29, 42, 54, 72, 81 will give you avoid shard within the first 3 months of playing the game, although it doesn’t appear to be Lotsof DailyQuests- If you complete your DailyQuests every day, you’ll get every 30 days you get 1 EmptyShard and 1 HolyShard from your monthly quests. 


RefereeMissions + Challenges- Completing these tasks is not only important for your account progression but also brings you great rewards including Gems, Books, and Shards, including EmptyShardsParts of the Game Events / Tournaments: Occasionally, Plarium allows you to use Empty Shards as Earning rewards in events and tournaments. You need to be very careful about resource management so that you can get the most out of events like these, although they are not very common, especially recently. 


Clan Boss – While this doesn’t happen instantly if you can meet the Brutal Clan Boss, you can earn VoidShards, although the chance isn’t very high -Brutal’s top chest is where you can start closing shards Earning AmongOtherRewards-This is one of the many reasons why it is SO important to focus on the Clan Chief early in the game. Referral Program -Inviting others to play can earn you 3Long VoidShards with other rewards, but VoidShards only require your friends to reach level 30, which doesn’t take long.This is another unique source on how to earn VoidShards, but the full rewards of this program are very shocking to all accounts with overall:


 600 Energy
9 Days of x2 XP
3 Void Shards
6 Epic Books
4 Sacred Shards  



Mid-Late Game Void Shards


As a mid-season player, VoidShards are still hard to come by, but due to the amount of content that you can complete some different avenues will open up for you, these are as follows. (Of course, all of the above applies.


 Clan vs Clan: In CvC milestone rewards void splinters are depending on the level, milestones are not very difficult to achieve as long as your clan is active: Bothof normal Doom Tower are too difficult, there is a chance to earn VoidShards every month, Doom Tower rewards are great and can help you keep growing your account. 


it is very easy to collect enough gold bars to buy when they are available.UNM Clan Boss: This is the only consistent way to GetEmptyShards outside of the guaranteed methods listed above, make sure you do meet the clan chief every day with all of your keys, p to make sure you get the maximum number of chests your account is capable of getting a slow but steady stream of void shards.


When to pull void shards?


We always recommend that you save yourVoidShards for x2 events like this weekend as the chance of getting a Legendary or even an Epic from VoidShards outside of these events is very slim and because they are relatively difficult to get hold of. in your hands, it is a huge waste to use outside of these events. Of course, if you are very final and are looking for specific champions, drawing holesin an x10 event may be more relevant to you, but that is a very small percentage of the community that is in that position. Hopefullywe’s included all of the ways to collectVoidShardsexcept by purchasing them in the store. If we missed anything please let us know in the comments, but the question we want to ask is: average, how many void shards do you collect from the activity between each event x2?

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