How to Spend Energy Efficiently Raid Shadow Legends

How to Spend Energy Efficiently Raid Shadow Legends

Using Energy RAID: Shadow Legends efficiently is the maximum vital issue you want to recognize at the same time as gambling this game. Indeed. You get a variety of Energy at the start of the game, however, you’ll spend all of it very quickly. You will locate yourself constantly ravenous of Energy after simply a couple of days of playing RAID.

The priority order of spending Energy:

Getting all Campaign Chapters to 3-big name If possible

Getting key Champions to six big name

Farm fundamental gears withinside the Brutal campaigns

Ascend to sixbig name

Get fundamental accessories.

Get masteries.

Get end-recreation gears and accessories.


In the beginning, don’t waste your Energy in Spider and Dragon Dungeons due to the fact the gears you get aren’t really well worth it for all of the Energy you want to spend. Before you’ve got first-rate masteries, 6-famous person gears are two times as effective as 5-famous person gears.


Farming Food 


Try to head as some distance as you may withinside the campaigns even as farming on vehicle mobile due to the fact every better bankruptcy offers you 10% greater of XP/Energy ratio, withinside the equal degree. I advocate farming at degree three of each bankruptcy as it offers Shield, which may be offered for the best charge evaluating to the alternative gears.




Gear Farming


It is ok to farm Dragons to get a few first rate gears on your Vamp/Speed units all through the early game, do now no longer overspend your Energy due to the fact the drop-price is extraordinarily terrible here. The brutal marketing campaign is your very last vacation spot till you need to begin locating gears on your Champions withinside the past due game.


Spider Farming


Accessories can enhance your Champions a lot. However, the farming performance may be very negative right here as nicely till you get to the overdue level of the game.


Affinity Keeps


Go as a way as you may withinside the Dungeon Keeps. However, do now no longer spend a whole lot of Energy in an effort to ascend a Champion to a 4-famous person due to the fact 4-famous person ascension doesn’t provide you with anything. Ascending them to a 5-famous people offers you the capacity to equip a banner tho. So, wait till you may ascend one to 5-star.




Minotaur is the only a tools check. You can get the primary tier masteries each time you need however don’t junk mail your Energy right here till you may without difficulty farm on Stage 14 or 15. Try to restrict your farming group to 2-three Champions before everything so you can get the Giant Slayer quickly. This is the pinnacle precedence for you.



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