Raid: Shadow Legends Gear Tier List

Raid: Shadow Legends Gear Tier List

There are a variety of characters to accumulate in Raid: Shadow Legends. And while we are saying a lot, you’d pleasant trust we suggest a lot. So many in reality that it’s occasionally tough to inform if the most up-to-date addition in your group is any good, that is why we’ve written this tier listing.


 It ranks all the presents to be had characters, from the tippest most top to the lowliest grunt. We’ve cut up the listing up into factions so it’s simpler to browse. Check wherein your new pull sits in this Raid: Shadow Legends tier listing and you’ll have a terrific concept of whether or not they’re well worth using. Of course, there are masses of different matters to consider – from group composition to the jobs you want to fill – however the scores right here will come up with a strong grounding. 


If you’re seeking outa few suggestions and pointers that will help you out in Raid: Shadow Legends, then we’d exceptionally endorse sorting out our Raid: Shadow Legends manual even as you’re right here



S Tier


2 piece Set – provides 12% SPD of base velocity. This set may be farmed from Dragon’s Lair or from well-known Campaign’s 6. Palace of Arabia. Speed units are useful in each part of the recreation. In Arena, they may be vital for your velocity booster to make sure you win the velocity race and cross first! In PVE content material, you may need to head speedy sufficient to healthy or maybe to loop the enemy. A velocity set is a great manner to grasp Raid: Shadow Legends.

Divine Speed

2 piece Set – provides 12% SPD of base velocity and places a self-guard same to 15% of their MAX HP for three turns at the start of each round. This set is to be had as praise every week from Arena Chests. The first-class of the equipment is primarily based totally on which tier you finish in every reset. The Divine Speed Set permits for a few survivabilities without giving up the velocity advantages.


four-piece Set – every assault from the wearer ignores 25% of the target’s Total DEF whilst attacking. This set may be farmed from Fire Knight’s Castle. Ignoring the protection is splendid in PVE and PVP content material, specifically in opposition to Defense primarily based totally champions. Ideally, the principal harm supplier to your group is sporting a Savage Set for gold standard harm dealt. This is taken into consideration quite a recreation equipment!


four-piece Set – Applies a Block Debuffs buff at the wearer for two turns each round. This set may be farmed from Fire Knight’s Castle. This set is primarily utilized in later Arena to keep away from the manipulated debuffs consisting of Freeze and Decrease Defense.


2 piece Set – provides forty RES. This set may be formed from Ice Golem’s Peak or from well-known Campaigns 7. Wilshire. Having excessive resistance is a stable manner to keep away from the debuffs in the arena. It also can assist in Dungeons consisting of Spider’s Den or Dragon’s Lair to keep away from the poisons on a tank champion.


 four-piece Set – Grants the champion an 18% danger of making use of a Stun debuff for 1 turn. This set may be farmed from Fire Knight’s Castle. The stun danger can best arise on the primary hit of an assault however does now no longer want accuracy to stun the opponent. Stun units are commonly used on AOE hitters to assist manipulate the waves in PVE content material consisting of Dungeons, Faction Wars, and Doom tower.


 2 piece Set – provides forty ACC and 5% SPD to base velocity. Perception can best come from crafting withinside the Forge the usage of Magisteel and Bloodstones. This set is right for nearly every champion whether or not you’re dealing with gamers in Arena or in opposition to Bosses given that accuracy and velocity are the 2 maximum critical stats for nearly any build.


four-piece Set – provides forty RES and offers Immunity for two turns. This set can best be farmed from the Doom Tower boss Borgoth the Scarab King. This set combines of the quality defensive units into one!


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