Crossy Road Game

Crossy Road Game Made By Hipster Whale

Crossy Road Unblocked is a delightful arcade game developed by Hipster Whale, reminiscent of the classic game Frogger in terms of gameplay. In this mobile game, players are tasked with guiding a character through a series of challenges, including avoiding traffic, hopping across logs, sidestepping trains, and collecting cash along the way. But beware, as lingering too long can lead to your character meeting a rather crispy fate.

One of the exciting elements of Crossy Road is the opportunity to collect a variety of characters as you progress in the game. Each successful venture in the game rewards players with coins, which can then be used to unlock new characters and enhance your gaming experience.

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Collecting Coins in Crossy Road

Coins in Crossy Road are the in-game currency with a distinct golden-yellowish color, square shape, and a bold red ‘C’ emblazoned in the center. There are multiple ways to acquire these coins, making the game even more engaging:

  • Collecting Coins During Gameplay: As you navigate the game’s challenges and obstacles, keep an eye out for coins that are scattered throughout the levels. Collecting them adds to your in-game wealth.
  • Viewing Advertisements: Crossy Road offers the option to watch advertisements, and as a reward, you’ll receive coins. This provides players with an opportunity to bolster their in-game funds.
  • Completing In-Game Activities: The game may have various activities or mini-challenges that, when completed successfully, yield coins as a reward.
  • Free Presents: At specific intervals of real-time gameplay, players are offered free presents containing coins as part of the game’s rewards system.
  • Purchasing Coins: For those looking to expedite their progress or enhance their character collection, coins can be purchased using legal currency through in-app purchases.

The number of coins you’ve collected is prominently displayed in the top right corner of the screen. You’ll find that collecting 100 coins allows you to enter a lottery machine for a chance to win a new character, adding an exciting dimension to the game. Additionally, if you own the Piggy Bank mascot, you’ll receive red coins worth five regular coins, and any coins obtained through free gifts or watching ads are doubled, enhancing your coin collection efforts.

How to Play Crossy Road Unblocked

The gameplay in Crossy Road is relatively simple, yet highly addictive. To move your character, you can tap the screen to move forward or swipe in the appropriate direction to navigate horizontally or backward in the original mobile edition. The key to success is ensuring that your movements are executed skillfully and accurately, as a wrong move can lead to your character meeting an untimely end.

One intriguing aspect of Crossy Road is that some characters require either a payment or in-game currency to unlock. This adds an element of strategy, as players can decide how they want to allocate their resources to expand their character collection.

It’s also important to note that new characters are consistently added to the game, so players should stay alert for updates and changes that may impact their gameplay experience.

In addition to tapping and swiping, you can also use the arrow keys to guide your character sideways or forward, all while being vigilant about avoiding the oncoming traffic and various moving obstacles that can impede your progress.

Features of the Game

Crossy Road boasts a range of exciting features that make it a compelling and addictive gaming experience:

  • Over 150 Retro-Styled Characters: One of the highlights of the game is the vast collection of retro-styled, pop art-inspired characters. These characters are not only visually appealing but also come with unique abilities and challenges.
  • Varied Gameplay Environments: As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter diverse settings and challenges. You’ll hop across highways, navigate train tracks, and cross rivers indefinitely, ensuring that the game remains engaging and dynamic.
  • Android Robot: For those who enjoy a twist of whimsy, the game offers an opportunity to play as the Android Robot in a candy-themed fantasy world. This character adds a playful dimension to the gameplay.
  • Simple and Innovative Playing Style: Crossy Road is known for its simplicity and innovation. The basic controls make it accessible to players of all ages, while the innovative character designs and challenges keep the game fresh and exciting.
  • Free to Play: One of the most appealing aspects of Crossy Road is that it’s completely free to play. This accessibility ensures that anyone can enjoy the game without any financial constraints.

Remember Not to Lose Your Characters

To safeguard your in-game progress, characters, high scores, and achievements, it’s advisable to go to the game settings and sign in with your Google Play account. This ensures that your progress is securely stored and can be easily retrieved if needed.

Once you sign in, your progress will be automatically saved to your Google Play account. In the event that you switch devices or need to recover your game progress, simply go to the game settings and select “Recover Game.” This feature allows you to restore all of your character progress and continue from where you left off.

It’s important to note that this recovery feature is available for progress saved since version 1.0.6 of the game. The development team behind Crossy Road is also actively working on enhancing the multi-device functionality, allowing players to access their progress from multiple accounts on a single device, making the gaming experience even more convenient.


In summary, Crossy Road Unblocked is a captivating arcade game that combines classic gameplay with modern design and innovative features. The objective is simple yet challenging: guide your character as far as possible along an endless trail of buses and various obstacles, all while avoiding mishaps. While the default character is a chicken, there’s a vast array of over 150 characters to choose from, each offering a unique gaming experience. These characters also introduce different settings and challenges, adding variety to the gameplay.

For instance, when playing as an astronaut, the setting shifts to space, and the obstacles include asteroids, providing a fresh perspective on the game’s challenges.

With its accessible gameplay, colorful characters, and endless entertainment, Crossy Road Unblocked is a mobile gaming experience that keeps players coming back for more. So, whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned player, there’s always a new adventure waiting for you in the world of Crossy Road. Dive in, collect your coins, unlock characters, and see how far you can hop in this delightful arcade adventure!

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