Getaway Shootout Game Developer New Eich Games

Getaway Shootout is an action-packed online 2-player shooting game that will have you jumping around and taking down your opponents in an intense race to the finish. Whether you want to challenge the computer or prove your skills against a friend, this game promises non-stop excitement as you gather power-ups and weapons, navigate through challenging maps, and strive to outmaneuver your rivals.

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Here, we break down the features that make Getaway Shootout a must-play game:

1. Play Solo or with a Friend

Enjoy the flexibility of playing solo or team up with a friend to tackle the game’s challenges and prove who is the ultimate escape artist.

2. Unlockable Characters

Discover a wide variety of unlockable characters, each with a unique appearance and style, adding an extra layer of fun and customization to your gameplay.

3. Power-ups and Weapons

As you progress through the game, collect an assortment of power-ups and weapons that will give you a competitive edge and help you stay ahead of the competition.

4. Diverse Maps with Unique Objectives

Explore a plethora of maps, each with a different escape objective. This ensures that every game is a fresh experience, with new challenges to conquer.

5. Fun and Engaging Gameplay

Getaway Shootout offers fast-paced and engaging gameplay that will keep you coming back for more. The dynamic nature of the game ensures that no two matches are ever the same.

6. Cool and Challenging Physics

The game’s physics add an extra layer of complexity, making it both cool and challenging. Mastering the physics is the key to becoming a true escape artist.

More Details

To delve deeper into the world of Getaway Shootout, let’s explore some additional information:

Release Date

The game was released in August 2018, making it a long-standing favorite among online gamers.

Developed by New Eich Games

Getaway Shootout is the brainchild of New Eich Games, a developer renowned for creating a series of challenging 2-player physics-based games. Their impressive portfolio includes games like Rooftop Snipers, Tube Jumpers, and Ping Pong Chaos.


Getaway Shootout is accessible through the following platforms:

  • Internet Browser: Enjoy the game directly in your web browser, making it easily accessible for online gaming.
  • iOS: You can also take the action on the go by playing on your iOS device.

In conclusion, Getaway Shootout is an exhilarating 2-player shooting game that combines action, strategy, and physics-based challenges. With a plethora of features and options to keep players engaged, it’s no wonder that this game has remained a favorite since its release in 2018. Whether you’re looking for a solo gaming experience or a fun-filled showdown with a friend, Getaway Shootout has something for everyone. So, grab your power-ups, load your weapons, and get ready for an adrenaline-pumping escape adventure!

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