The Sea'S Legend Arceus

The Sea’S Legend Arceus – How to Get Manaphy

We explain how to get the different Pokémon, The Sea’S Legend Arceus the remaining mission steps, and finally The Seas Legend: Manaphy reward. You can catch any or all Pokémon here, but the side mission requires a level 50 Manaphy.

However, if your Pokemon is around level 50, you might want to first see if you can get Manaphy on your own because fighting all four at the same time can be tricky. Manafi is level 50 and Fiona’s group is about 30 years old, so it can be a tough fight if players challenge all four Pokémon at the same time.

Where do I begin? In Pokémon Legends Arceus, request 66 ‘The Sea’s Legend.’

As you proceed through the game’s main story, Request 66 will emerge on the chalkboard. Because this is a late-game request, you may need to get through the end credits first. Professor Laverton will speak to you right away when you accept it from the blackboard.

When entering Seaside Hollow, you’ll find a level 50 Manaphy and three lower-level Phone Pokémon. Once the player enters the cave, a short cutscene plays and then encounters Manafi and Fione’s team.

The Sea'S Legend Arceus

Don’t worry if you accidentally knock out Manafi or one of the three Pheons – they regenerate when the area recovers. If possible, try to lure Manafia and Fiona away from each other; otherwise, they will join you, which is no fun at all. When you throw one of your Pokémon at them, the barrier will disappear.

To begin, you’ll need to recruit three special Pokemon: Buizel, Mantyke, and Overqwil.

Mantyke may be seen hovering above the ocean at the Tranquility Cove part of the Cobalt Coastlands, and Qwilfish can be found around the same area as Mantyke in the Cobalt Coastlands. However, you must evolve your Qwilfish by using the move Barb Barrage (Strong Style) 20 times and achieving Level 20 to gain the needed Overqwil. Later in the story, you’ll have the chance to catch an Overqwil.

Make your way to the Cobalt Coastlands in the evening with the required three Pokemon in your group. Approach the two enormous spikes erupting from the ocean near Sand’s Reach in the eastern area of the map.

When you get to the site, you’ll hear the strange Pokemon’s call, which is signaled by a dialogue box that reads “Fioooooo

Then proceed to Seaside Hollow, which is marked on your map as a cave on the north side of Veilstone Cape.

It is strongly advised that you save your game before entering the cave! Inside the cave, a short cinematic reveals Manaphy to be the strange Pokemon.

You’ll come across three Level 35 Phione and a Level 50 Manaphy. While you may be able to catch everything, you will need to catch the Manaphy in order to complete this Request. Once you’ve caught Manaphy, return to Professor Laventon and speak with him, and he’ll record this Request as completed.

In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, how can you solve the Sea’s Legend request?

They all have shields, so throw your Pokémon at them twice to break the shield and then start the battle. A few Fiones and Manafi will use shields to protect themselves from getting caught, but you can start throwing balls as soon as they are on the ground.

Once one of the Legendary Ocean Pokémon finds you, it will start attacking with bubbles and water attacks, so be careful when entering Seaside Hollow. Wait for the legendary ocean Pokémon to appear on the opposite side of the cave, then throw your Poké Ball at Manafi. If you don’t set up your throws correctly, you’ll have to face all four Pokémon at the same time.

You will be able to catch two legendary Pokémon

In this request, you will be able to catch two legendary Pokémon – Manafi and Fiona. Manaphy will respawn in Seaside Hollow even after the request is completed, so there is no need to immediately catch Pokémon. Once these conditions are met, the Sea Prince will reveal its location, calling players into battle.

Accept The Seas Legend and you’ll see a short cinematic detailing the book called The Seas Legend, which tells the story of a Pokémon “prince” who meets a brave trainer and three Pokémon at Seaside Hollow. Return to Professor Laventon after capturing Manafi and speak with Professor Laventon and he will mark The Legend of the Seas as completed. Once you capture Overquiel for the first time or near the end of the game, Professor Laventon will offer this mission at the galaxy headquarters. On this page, we will explain this clue to you and tell you how to complete quest 66 “Legend of the Seas”, which in turn will give you a new mythical Pokemon, Manafi.

While The Seas Legend side mission rewards

While The Seas Legend side mission rewards you with 1 Comet Shard, the real reward is catching three Pokémon for your Pokedex. This cave is the only place in Pokemon Legends Arceus where you’ll find Manaphy or Phione, which means the only way to catch this pair is by completing The Seas Legend side quest. Inside this cave, you’ll find Manaphy, a Mythical Water-type Pokémon that debuted in the original Diamond and Pearl Manaphy game. However, before heading into the cave, players should replace Mantic, Buizel, and Overquil with a stronger Pokémon, as Manafi will not be easy to fight in the cave, as he is joined by Fiona’s pre-Evolution Manafi group.

The first steps in completing this mission involve

Therefore, the first steps in completing this mission involve capturing the mantis and adding them to your group. Much like how players needed multiple Pokémon to unlock Ryoga’s trio of Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, The Seas Legend asks players to collect Mantyke. To meet what history calls the “Prince of the Sea,” players must gather three specific Pokémon into their party and travel to a specific location on Hisui. Once players have started Legend of the Seas with all the Pokémon in their group, they should head towards the large claw-shaped rocks located near one of Sands Reach’s “fingertips”.

As always, use items like mud balls or whatever to break the shield summoned by Manaphy and then throw a Pokemon to start the battle. If your Pokémon is low on health after the previous Manaphia fight, you can always leave to heal and come back. If you’re having trouble fighting them all at the same time, wait until the managers are far enough apart so you can fight them individually. Many of these Pokémon can also use moves such as Hypnosis or Dark Void, which induce conditions that make it easier to catch Manaphy and complete Seas Legend.